Skulls in Store

Hello again Pigeon-fanciers!

Recently I visited Bristol Museum’s Natural History stores with my drawing buddy Rachel of Hare Raising Designs to pick out some skulls to study and draw.
We were greeted by a lovely lady who showed us through hidden doors to the underground Natural History store full of taxidermy and skeletons for study or out of display.
It’s a fantastic (and odd) place to explore, with rows of cabinets and draws filled with weird and wonderful preserved creatures.

I managed to get some drawings of a man-eating tiger skull, two huge elephant skulls (in chalk and charcoal) and a bear skull.

This was a great drawing day and I got a load of inspirations and ideas from it, and I recommend that artists make use of these free facilities – available at all publicly owned museums and galleries – for inspiration and to justify the collections being there. After all, we own them!
(I do recommend that you treat the staff and artefacts with respect (my tiger specimen was shot in the 1930’s!) and make sure you give a generous donation on your way out)
Find information about visiting Bristol Museum and Art Galleries here and say hi if you spot me sketching in there!


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