Made in Bristol Gift Fair

Hello everyone,

Last week I launched my Etsy shop, yaaaay! So you Brits still have time to order from it to get some lovely gifts in time for Christmas:

This weekend, I had a nice time at the Made in Bristol gift fair (as did Mumma, Auntie and Big Sis. Pidges) and met lots of lovely people.

And these are things I drew at the gift fair to keep me occupied…

Catch up again soon!
Pidge x


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About Pigeon

Freelance illustrator always looking for new projects of all kinds.

2 responses to “Made in Bristol Gift Fair”

  1. Mrs. Foxwolfhouse says :

    Fox, wolf, house! Bloody brilliant! I love it! Foxwolfhouse. Great surname. Abigail Foxwolfhouse!
    I think I’d like to be known as Mrs. Foxwolfhouse from now on!
    Miss you already. X

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