A Pig, a Bison and a Monster

Now you get to see the finished products…
(Possible book page for The Golden Pig)
(T-shirt design)
And here is a little monster I made earlier for a Monster Music Review.


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About Pigeon

Freelance illustrator always looking for new projects of all kinds.

2 responses to “A Pig, a Bison and a Monster”

  1. artfart says :

    Good! Like the border around the golden pig pic.

    Where’s the patterns on the bison? I liked them. The birds are a nice touch.

    Monster? That’s no monster, [Pigeon]! That’s a … cute-ster…or fun-ster. It’s too sweet and girlie. Make it a bit scary or intimidating or just ambiguous. It doesn’t look like your stuff.

    I think patterns should be a theme for your work. You obviously love doing them. And they’re good.;)

  2. Pigeon says :

    I know what you mean about the monster, but the brief was “Three legs, three eyes and it has to be smiling.” I did the sketch in 2 minutes and they liked it. Maybe I should be a story-border!
    I may try the patterned Bison as there is a patterned pheasant on the way…

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