Eskimo Fable

Today I have been making characters based on an old Eskimo fable.


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Freelance illustrator always looking for new projects of all kinds.

One response to “Eskimo Fable”

  1. Mum says :

    Sorry I didn’t check this out properly before.

    Your work is great. Original, which is just so refreshing! Why do we need to see the same ol’ same ol’ stuff? Surely that’s the point of having lots of artists – lots of variety.

    Carry on doing exactly what you’re doing, in your own sweet way. Just do the commercial stuff the way they want it done. I think that must be the reality of a paid artistic life, do what they want you to do for the money and do what you want in your own time. One day, your very own stuff might be exactly what’s needed.

    The eskimo work deserves the story. It’s a great idea that I think you should follow through and submit to childrens book publishers. Check the Writers and Artists year book for likely companies.

    This is kind of why I didn’t want to get involved with blogging or suchlike; I’ve always got too much to say, and there’s not enough time to say it, and I’ll bore the pants of anyone anyway.

    Goodnight, Good luck and don’t let the bed beasties eat you.


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